FAVORITE STAR Import Company is considered one of the strongest marketing and distribution companies within the Republic of Yemen for juices and beverages of all kinds.

Our History

An extension of forty years of commercial activity for a commercial family that originated and grew in the food trade - it was established in Dubai, the financial and business center of the Middle East, in 2016 - it has a branch in Yemen that has been operating in the field of foodstuffs since 2007 and specializes in the distribution of distinguished consumer products and is an authorized distributor for a number of Famous international companies in Yemen.

About Us

Our vision

Favorite Star Trading Company intends to spread and distribute in the Arab and regional markets the best food products, juices and drinks in particular, and to ensure that the product is among the best products in the world in order to guarantee high quality and continuous development and sustainability. The company is also working to build real alliances with pioneers in the industrial field. In the Gulf, in Europe, America, and East Asian countries, to ensure access to products subject to development, to transfer knowledge and systems to our surroundings, and to benefit from them being the nucleus of the industry in the future.

Our Values

Quality: Providing high-quality products and services to our customers with a focus on mutual profit. Satisfaction of business parties: Maintaining the satisfaction of all business parties, including customers, consumers, suppliers, employees, and business partners. Advanced work team: continuous support for the company’s employees and providing opportunities for continuous development. Integrity: Integrity in all our daily work with all business parties. Innovation: Creating a work environment based on continuous innovation in the way we work.

Our Mission

Providing high-quality products and services available at all times to our customers in Yemen, by building partnerships with the best international brands that add real value to the consumer and that emphasize a continuous work system that benefits all business partners, including customers, employees, shareholders, and business partners, and to be a major factor in stability. And the development of the economic environment in Yemen.

Our message

People should get the best quality of products to improve their quality of life. Marketing healthy products that are compatible with human values and with our customers, which is what we always strive to maintain.

Business Network

Our activities in serving consumers begin from our office in Dubai - United Arab Emirates Our main office is in Sanaa and across our branches in the Republic of Yemen, north and south Marib branch, Aden branch, Ibb and Taiz branches, Hodeidah branch, Mukalla - Sayun branch.

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  • OILS

Dalal oil

Exclusive agent for Dalal oil, produced by Afia International Factory, 1.5 liter bottle and 17 liter bottle

premium caesar

A complete family of fruits with 12 natural flavors, bottles, packets, Tetra Pak, Prisma, size 250 ml, 200 ml, 1 liter.


Energy Drink - Cans & Glass


Refreshing drink 5 flavors cans & glass

sun top

A complete family of fruits with 6 natural flavors without artificial materials, a 250 ml bottle and a 125 ml bottle.


Refreshing energy drink, 250 ml cans, bottles

sun cola



energy drink and have many different shapes and flavours

Aluminum tin

Hotpack products Our company is an exclusive distributor

Cardboard containers

Cardboard containers in many shapes and sizes. Our company is considered an exclusive distributor

Tin containers

Tin containers in different shapes and sizes. Our company is considered an exclusive distributor

Food containers

Food containers in different shapes and sizes. Our company is considered an exclusive distributor


triangle cheese 24 pieces

Alsahl cheese

sahl cheese triangles 360g x 36 - carton

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  • Our brands enjoy the love and trust of millions of people, whether in Yemen or abroad, with innovative, high-quality products and services. With this commitment to innovation and quality, our brands have gained a close status among people.


Our Address

Alseteen Street, Next to Commercial Bank.

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+01 442 999